Ben Ten - Forever Defence

Ben Ten - Forever Defence 1.0

Defend your friends from the malefic Forever Knights
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Play as Ben, Gwen, or Kevin and defeat the group of evil Forever Knights. Each character has its own ability, so you will need to switch between them to find the best solution for the task at hand.

Ben Ten - Forever Defence is an adventure game with interesting graphics.
In this game you need to defend your group from evil Forever Knights using the powers of the group's members. You have Ben, Gwen and Kevin. You can press Z for Ben 10, X for Gwen and C for Kevin or Space to cycle between them. Ben has turned himself into one of his aliens and can fire energy balls. Aim with the mouse and click to fire. Gwen can reflect enemy projectiles. You will need to move Gwen with the mouse the way she will catch and reflect the enemy projectiles. Kevin can stop the enemies with shields. There's no other way to stop them, but to wait until they get very close to the group; select Kevin and turn him to the enemy using the mouse.

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